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Won Kapok Design Awards Chinas supreme awards

斬獲紅棉中國設計獎 年度至尊大獎!

|  Guangzhou,P.R.China  廣州


  December 4, 2014NUJEE's works "Dandelion lamps" won Kapok Design Awards China’s supreme awards (furniture)

   CDA•2014 Kapok Design Awards China (furniture)” announced the results. There were 19 product designs at home and abroad got the annual Supreme award. During the Awards ceremony, the world famous design studio Dini studio’s boss - Francesco Mendini (Italy), and the new decorative aesthetics advocate Qiu Deguang (Taiwan) awarded medals for the supreme award winners together.

  2014年12月4日,NUJEE之界物設的作品《蒲公英燈具》獲 CDA 2014 紅棉中國設計獎 至尊獎(傢俱類)。